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  • Assess the public’s willingness to use cycling as an alternative mode of transportation and where determined to be practical, encouraging cycling as an alternative mode of transportation by: Pending

    a) Considering the introduction of fiscal incentives for the purchase of bicycles.

    b) Promoting the inclusion of bike lanes on selected roads likely to be more heavily utilized.

    c) Requiring the inclusion of bike lanes in the construction of new roads where appropriate.

    d) Considering the development of bike paths in selected areas.

    e) Considering incentives for developers who include and implement bike lanes or paths in new developments.

    f) Provisioning facilities in selected areas with bike friendly amenities. Assess the public’s willingness to use walking as an alternative mode of transportation and where determined to be practical encourage walking as an alternative mode of transportation by: Pending

    a) Identifying key areas for pedestrian development and plan in a manner which optimizes the cost/benefit relationship.

    b) Designating pedestrian - only areas where appropriate.

    c) Improving and expanding the network of sidewalks and pedestrian crossings, increasing their quantity, quality and safety.

    d) Mandating developers to incorporate walkability in project design.

  • Plan and deploy traffic planning and management technologies including the provision of real time traffic information, use of sensors to regulate traffic lights, and use of multi – function message panels. Pending Adopt measures such as new roads, additional lanes and one -way traffic on selected routes at selected times to optimize road travel. Pending Adopt measures to decrease road demand including restrictions to circulation and staggering selected public services to off - peak times. Pending Encourage flexible work practices, such as telecommuting or flexible work schedules. In this regard the Government will lead by instituting policies to reflect these strategies in the public sector. Pending Increase the efficiency of seaport and airport connections through a comprehensive plan including new infrastructure, green travel for workers and improved access to public transportation modes. Pending

  • Increase the availability of parking facilities, particularly in the proximity of congested or pedestrian areas and in coordination with related transportation and land use policies. Pending Encourage the provisioning of parking garages in large developments. Pending

  • Government to ensure that any National Transportation Plan links to the Policy in the following ways: Pending

    a) Improve service coverage to meet demand – extend routes, stops, express service.

    b) Improve service quality, provision of bus shelters.

    c) Allow public transportation on private roadways.

    d) Improve payment modes e.g. electronic rechargeable tickets. Provide incentives to older persons, students, and frequent users to encourage economies of scale. Pending Support new/alternative modes of public transportation such as shuttles between residential areas and employment centers. Pending

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