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  • Encourage economy in energy consumption in commuting through the following: In Progress

    a) Include commercial centres in each district with the necessary supporting zones for future growth.

    This Strategy is identified in the draft National Planning Framework as an action (6.5.1 and 9.3.1) and will be implemented following adoption of the NPF.


    b) Establish development/conservation goals for Little Cayman and Cayman Brac, so that development guidelines and control measures can be created to ensure those goals are met.

    Not yet started. At this stage the Development Plan review is focused solely on Grand Cayman although it is anticipated that the approach may be extended to the Sister Islands, as appropriate.


    c) Review the threshold area of 40 acres for the creation of a Planned Area Development for possible reduction to encourage densification of specific areas and the reduction of commutes.

    This option was considered as part of the preparation of the draft National Planning Framework, however it was is considered that 40 acres is the minimum size needed to enable true mixed-use communities. Any smaller and PADs are likely to be focussed on a particular land use.

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