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Socioeconomic and Environmental Sustainability

The Cayman Islands will foster and promote the development and application of existing and new technologies, practices in sustainable energy solutions and the development of a sustainable energy industry reflecting its commitment to the socioeconomic wellbeing of its people and to its international and local obligations relating to climate change and environmental sustainability.

The transition to renewable energy and a green economy affords opportunities for the development of a new industry and center of commerce in the Caymanian economy.

Goal 4 seeks to provide the framework where these opportunities are not only identified, but systematic, deliberate and sustainable actions are taken to leverage them into the socioeconomic fabric of the islands, while respecting the constraints and carrying capacity of the natural environment.

If these opportunities develop into sustainable industries and economic activity as the norm, the commitment to international and local obligations regarding climate change and environmental sustainability should become instilled as a way of life in the Cayman Islands.

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Each Goal is supported by a comprehensive set of Strategies and the Policy is organized such that specific strategies are identified as mission critical in seven (7) sectors. Strategic aims associated with each of the Strategies provide further detail regarding the initiatives to deliver on the established goals.

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