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27 November 2020


In an effort to reduce traffic in and around central George Town while reducing carbon emissions caused by motorists, the Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure (CPI) in conjunction with the George Town Revitalisation Initiative will launch a new, free hop-on, hop-off shuttle service for George Town, starting Monday 30 November.

The George Town shuttle service will run daily on a continuous loop from Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.

The service aims to reduce the number of cars making short trips in and around the centre of George Town, while addressing traffic and parking issues in the town. Those targeted include individuals who work in, or visit the central George Town area either for business or general errands.

Minister of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure, Hon. Joseph Hew said, “We look forward to providing this shuttle service which will have a number of short- and long-term benefits for the residents of Grand Cayman. It will assist many of our residents, particularly our older persons who often struggle to get around George Town. In the longer term, we hope that the shuttle service will support Cayman’s energy efficiency goals, through a reduction in emissions. If the shuttle service proves to be successful, we aim to expand the service and make it a permanent fixture for Grand Cayman.”

The Ministry of CPI’s Energy Policy Coordinator Kristen Augustine, stated that the service will make getting around central George Town much easier and economical for all. “When devising the service, we wanted to ensure we that helped the tourism sector, which is still suffering as a result of the pandemic. Therefore, we have made use of existing tour buses to support those in the tourism industry who are unemployed. The spacious, air-conditioned buses will mean a comfortable and stress-free journey for passengers carrying out their daily errands. As the initiative develops and the tourism industry returns to its former activity, the tour buses will be replaced with electric buses, to further reduce emissions and stay true to the energy efficiency goals of the initiative, she highlighted.

George Town Manager, Colin Lumsden has welcomed the service which aligns with the George Town Revitalisation Initiative noting, “With current traffic issues, we are taking multifaceted approach to the development of George Town, so having a reliable shuttle service in and around the revitalisation area will allow residents the option to move around the town easier. Work continues on the design and development of George Town’s existing infrastructure, which includes new road redesigns and upgrades along with a focus on the pedestrianising of the central business district”.

The George Town shuttle service route will have the following stops:

Route 1

Government Administration Building (GAB) – Elgin Avenue

Cayman National Bank - Elgin Avenue

Farmers’ Market – Huldah Avenue

Credit Union – Huldah Avenue

The Pines/Pasadora Place – Pines Drive

Rear of Hospital – Pines Drive

Front of Hospital – Hospital Road

Atlantis – South Church Street

North Terminal – North Church Street

Court House – Fort Street

Sandbar – North Church Street

WORC – Mary Street

Enverto Building - Shedden Road

Anderson Square (Shedden Road)

Route 2

Behind Immigration (Claude Hill Road)

Immigration/Enforcement – Elgin Avenue

First Caribbean – Shedden Road

WORC – Mary Street

Waterfront Centre (North Church Street)

Old Scotia Bank – Albert Panton Street

RBC/KFC – Shedden Road

Guy Harveys – South Church Street

Front of Hospital – Health Service Authority

Back of Hospital – Pines Drive

The Pines/Pasadora Place – Pines Drive

Credit Union – Huldah Avenue

Cayman National Bank – Elgin Avenue

The shuttles will be branded for passengers to recognise. All passengers will be required to wear masks. Route maps and further information is available on the National Energy Policy website or via Facebook, Energy Cayman.

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