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  • An official website was launched ( to host and make easily accessible, the National Energy Policy, regulations, implementation plan and other pertinent key documents, news and information. Social media channels were created, ( and to facilitate multi-stakeholder information-sharing and engagement with the implementation activities of the NEP.

    A public education campaign was launched in July 2020 under the brand name, Energy Cayman. Communications Campaign – Energy Cayman Through the launch of the Energy Cayman campaign, the National Energy Policy aimed to address the first goal on their action plan (Knowledge and Education). The primary goal of the campaign was to educate the public by promoting and building awareness of energy efficiency and conservation methods to both residents and businesses in the Cayman Islands.

    The public education campaign aimed to:

    • Create an appreciation for the NEP

    • Ensure that consumers become more aware of their energy consumption habits;

    • Change consumers’ behaviour towards energy saving and sustainable energy use;

    • Improve knowledge of energy conservation and energy efficiency;

    • Improve understanding of renewable energy and its technologies, and its role in climate change.

    The public education campaign had two phases. Phase 1: In (July to September 2020): Initial public awareness campaign & strategy development. This aim of the initial campaign was to inform the Cayman Islands’ community that the Government has invested in energy and sustainability as a priority and that building a sustainable future is a key driver for the Government. Phase 2: In (September 2020 to June 2021): Execution of the public engagement marketing and communications strategy.

    ① A key highlight of the public education campaign was the Home Energy Efficiency Competition launched by the Ministry of CPI in partnership with the CUC in October 2020. An approximate total of CI$45,000 monetary and in-kind sponsorship, was received from companies including CEL Cooling, Cooling Pros, Foam Pros, DART, Saxon, Hurleys Media and CNB. Over 800 competition entries were received, which generated significant public awareness of the National Energy Policy. The competition was open to all homeowners in Grand Cayman. Eight (8) homes were chosen for Home Energy Audits worth up to CI$1,900 each. The audits analysed the homes and determined where and how energy was being lost, what systems were operating inefficiently and provided recommendations to substantially reduce utility bill costs. One of the homes was then chosen to receive a full home ‘energy makeover’ worth up to CI$35,000. based upon the results of the audit. The home received spray foam insulation, a new air conditioning system, smart thermostat and energy monitor with all works completed by September 27 2021. Energy efficient appliances will also be installed once data has been collected on the existing retrofit. The makeover is aimed to significantly reduce utility bill costs and increase the value of the home, which will subsequently reduce stress on Cayman’s electricity grid.

    ② During January 2021, a series of ‘do-it-yourself’ (DIY) energy audits were published to inform the Cayman community on ways to reduce its energy bill costs and to save energy. An energy audit is an assessment of a house, business or daily routine that shows energy usage, and reveals where improvements in energy efficiency can be made. Three downloadable DIY audits were created. One for homes, one for businesses and the third for children. A child friendly version was prioritised to instil energy-saving behaviours and attitudes at an early age of the future generation.

    ③ Additional public education activities delivered: • Created and disseminated an Energy Labelling Guide • Provided an information booth at the Builders Expo • Hosted several ‘Lunch and Learn’ events on Energy Efficiency for businesses in partnership with CUC. • Hosted a ‘Lunch and Learn’ event on Climate Change and the NEP in partnership with CaymanEco. • Presented to the Bankers Association (in collaboration with CUC) on affordable loans for energy efficient equipment. • Launched public service announcement radio ads promoting Energy Efficiency. Inform individuals how to optimize their energy consumption. In Progress

    • #beanenergyadvocate was launched in February 2019 with radio commercials and facebook posts
    • The "Safer, Cleaner, Greener Communities" campaign was launched by the Strategic Communications Unit of the Government Information Services.
    • A Lunch and Learn on Climate Change was held at the Government Administration Building on March 13 2020 for Civil Servants. CaymanEco did a presentation on Climate Change and the Energy Policy Coordinator provided an update on the National Energy Policy. There were prize giveaways for attendees which included LED bulbs, Wi-Fi outlets which monitor energy usage and a free energy audit donated by GreenTech
    • A website has been created for the public to follow the implementation process of the National Energy Policy. Inform the public on legislation, incentives, programs, and initiatives supporting sustainable energy, and how to participate in and benefit. In Progress

    • On Thursday 25 July 2019 at the Legislative Assembly, Minister Hew announced custom duties for electric and hybrid vehicels would be greatly reduced as an incentive to encourge more environmentally friendly vehicle ownership. Details of the new duty rates can be found under the 'Publication" section of this website. 
    • As part of the public education campaign, an RFP was issued on August 11 2020, to contract a certified energy auditor to assist with Energy Efficiency Education campaign. The Ministry of CPI in partnership with Caribbean Utilities Company (CUC) will be running a public education campaign from September to December 2020 with the opportunity for single family home owners with houses no greater than 2000 sq ft and energy bill no less than $400 to win a free home energy audit.
    • Working with CUC to arrange webinar on “Understanding your CUC Bill” and monitoring consumption on CUCconnect website. Reinforce energy usage labeling which provides specific consumption data for appliances and equipment. In Progress

    Energy labeling guide created and available online. Publicize economy-wide energy efficiency and conservation initiatives. In Progress

    • A planning application has been submitted for a 100kW carport solar structure for the Government Administration Building
    • CUC has converted 70% of public street lights to LED. They aim to have 100% converted by June 2021
    • Electric vehicle charging stations are being installed around the island. 
    • The Department of Vehicle Services has started training staff to maintain electric vehicles in preparation of the purchase of electric vehicles for government users
    • An Electric Vehicle was purchased for the Postal Services department
    • The Department of Planning hosted a Training session  for Electricians/Solar panel installers on NEC 2014 – regarding the latest electrical requirements for photovoltaic 

    • The Public Works Department has started a facility audit on all government buildings to assess energy conservation needs

    • The National Housing Development Trust is incorporating sustainable energy materials into their new homes

    • The National Development Framework has been drafted and submitted to the Ministry of CPI for review. The framework will enable mixed use development and efficient building design requirements

    • Discussions have started regarding improvements to public transportation

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