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  • Publicize the Cayman Islands’ commitment to meet international and local obligations to combat climate change and promote environmental sustainability. In Progress

    ① On 31 January 2020 the Legislative Assembly unanimously passed a Private Members Motion calling for the government to take “immediate steps to create and move forward with a climate change strategy” including convening a working group of public and private sector representatives to create a climate change policy, among other responsibilities.

    ② On April 14 2021 a new Government was elected and the Ministry of Sustainability and Climate Resiliency was established. The Strategic Policy Statement 2022-2024, which provides an outline of the Government’s policy priorities, includes the following broad outcome: Broad Outcome 5: Supporting Climate Change Resilience and Sustainable Development.

    ③ The 2017 Integrated Resource Plan demonstrates that Grand Cayman can practically meet the CO2 emissions target set at the Paris Climate Accord.

    ④ In September 2021, the Ministry for Investment, Innovation and Social Development announced that Government is joining global efforts to combat climate change. The Government is committing seed capital to establish a new investment fund that will be focused on businesses and technologies that deliver climate mitigation and adaptation throughout the 54 member countries of the Commonwealth.

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