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Knowledge & Education

The people of the Cayman Islands will be well educated and knowledgeable on the impact of energy demand on the environment of the Islands and continuously embrace opportunities to increase the levels of sustainable energy solutions in the supply mix and improve efficiency in energy usage.

Goal 1 seeks to ensure an environment where the people of the Cayman Islands are knowledgeable about sustainable energy and sufficiently educated to make informed choices about energy options in their daily lives.

Government is committed to take the lead by championing public awareness programmes designed to raise and keep awareness high among the general public on the status of this Policy, the National Energy Policy achievements under the Policy, as well as to keep all stakeholders apprised on the importance of the success of the Policy to the lives of the people of the Cayman Islands.

In doing so, public education programmes will be designed, using all available media resources, to sensitise the public to the short, medium, and long term aims of the NEP and to keep the public aware of the progress being made in the achievement of the targets and other expected results set out in the Policy.

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Each Goal is supported by a comprehensive set of Strategies and the Policy is organized such that specific strategies are identified as mission critical in seven (7) sectors. Strategic aims associated with each of the Strategies provide further detail regarding the initiatives to deliver on the established goals.

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