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  • Ensure that the regulatory framework: Pending

    a) Encourages efficient investment in water infrastructure.

    b) Encourages continuous improvement in energy efficiencies of plant.

    c) Encourages investments in renewable energy generation where feasible as an alternative or complementary to the public electricity supply system or onsite diesel generation.

    d) Allows recovery of investments approved by a regulator in water efficiency interventions on customer premises.

    e) Establishes targets for reductions in non-revenue water. f)Supports a regime of cost reflective tariffs allowing the recovery of efficient investments in water infrastructure.

    g) Allows for consumer/customer owned reverse osmosis (or similar technology) using renewable energy. The Government will promote water conservation practices that reduce demand for potable water for non-potable use, by: Pending

    a) Providing incentives for rain water harvesting.

    b) Encouraging the use of fresh grey water. Establish appropriate standards/guidelines that will encourage water conservation by consumers and incentivise adoption. Pending Carry out benchmarking on the central wastewater system serving the Seven Mile Beach area to identify and where feasible implement measures to achieve progressively higher efficiencies in wastewater collection and treatment. Pending Introduce an energy rating system administered by the regulator to assess the relative efficiency of onsite wastewater treatment systems. Pending

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