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Destination of Excellence

The Cayman Islands will continually strive to demonstrate leadership in the development and implementation of innovative, well researched, environmentally sensitive, and sustainable energy opportunities where appropriate to small-island states and archipelagos.

Goal 2 seeks to position the Cayman Islands as a destination of excellence and the standard for the development and application of sustainable energy solutions in small-island developing states. The particular focus will be on archipelagos where opportunities to take advantage of economies of scale are rare and therefore innovative solutions are often needed to keep service affordable.

To ensure sustainability of opportunities under the NEP for the long term, it will be important that initiatives are pursued to introduce an awareness of and competencies in sustainable energy technologies at every level of the educational curricula. Also, professionals who work in the field must be appropriately trained and certified. Goal3 Energy security - the Cayman Islands will have a modern energy infrastructure ensuring that energy supplies are produced and distributed competitively, safely, reliably, efficiently and affordably supported by a governance framework of effective and responsive regulation, fuel security, environmental sensitivity and sustainable development.

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Each Goal is supported by a comprehensive set of Strategies and the Policy is organized such that specific strategies are identified as mission critical in seven (7) sectors. Strategic aims associated with each of the Strategies provide further detail regarding the initiatives to deliver on the established goals.

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